About Me

Empowering Businesses with Data:
My Journey as a Data Scientist

From the classrooms of Virginia Tech, where I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Technology, my journey in the realm of data science began. The lure of data and its potential to reshape businesses pushed me to become an IT Risk Consultant at a top-tier Big 4 consulting firm. Here, I had the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of data, harnessing its potential to solve complex business problems and provide actionable insights.


Working across multiple sectors, I delivered state-of-the-art Data Analytics and AI solutions, gaining a wealth of experience and broadening my perspective on the versatile role of data science in different industries. This exposure further solidified my passion and commitment to this dynamic field.


This journey led me to the Department of Defense at the Pentagon, where I currently serve as a Data Scientist. Providing essential data analytics support in such a pivotal institution, I employ advanced techniques and innovative solutions to handle complex, large-scale data and derive strategic insights.


Simultaneously, I am augmenting my skills by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics from William and Mary. This learning endeavor continually enriches my knowledge and enhances my practical skills, shaping me into a more efficient and effective data scientist.


Today, my primary objective extends beyond the walls of the Pentagon. I aim to empower small businesses to thrive, utilizing the power of data science. By helping these businesses make informed decisions, streamline operations, and identify untapped opportunities, I believe in turning data into a lever of growth and success.


In essence, my journey as a data scientist has been an exploration into the boundless depths of data, uncovering its potential, and harnessing it to create meaningful impact across industries.


My Services

Bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights, I have carved my niche in transforming complex datasets into meaningful visual narratives that fuel strategic decision-making. My expertise lies in data modeling, where my ability to create structured, efficient models lays a solid foundation for informed decision-making and accurate forecasting. As a professional in the field of data science, I have honed my skills in predicting trends and patterns, equipping businesses with the insights to anticipate market dynamics and maintain a competitive edge. Offering a comprehensive suite of data services, I am committed to assisting organizations in unlocking the full potential of their data. This commitment spans the full data journey, from collection and analysis to visualization and predictive modeling, ensuring clients have the information they need when they need it.

Predictive modeling