Data is exploding. The time to analyze is limited.

Our inboxes are piled with hundreds of marketing reports. The irony is that technology was meant to make it all easier. But current digital marketing solutions are just not adding up.

Leaving marketers with the anxious feeling that they might miss out on something. 

That’s why we created algorithms that automatically turn your sea of data into actionable insights

Most importantly, by using years of data, we designed filters that will catch the things you could oversee.

With Finn, say hello to actionable insights for your e-commerce marketing, and goodbye to manual repetitive analysis. Get ready to save time and to boost revenue. 

Envision the Future

Predict your e-commerce sale tomorrow? Get Finn today. Discover our marketing intelligence platform which automates all recurring data analysis for digital marketing. Working 24/7 on your data and enabling your team to focus on taking actions.

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Providing a marketing intelligence tool that helps generate insight, actions and predictions for advertising and e-commerce. The insights we offer are designed to save time and to boost revenue. Six features in 60 seconds. That's all takes to discover Finn's magic.

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Speed up your Page Speed

If you connect your Google Analytics to Finn we will create insights based on segments, historical, channel and device reach. With every alert, Finn shows you the actual Page speed and the benchmark Page speed.

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Increase your Conversions

We constantly check the conversion rates of your website(s). When your conversion rate has suddenly dropped on a significant segment we will create alerts and insights, showing you the why and what to do.

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