Fixing Issues Like a Superhero

Bugs are a bad thing. Leaving them for too long is terrible for your results. What if mobile users struggle to navigate from the cart to checkout after your latest site release? Or what if you’ve spend significant advertising dollars on a new campaign that is performing poorly?

Finn will be the first buddy to inform you, and help you to act on the issues right away!

Features we've included so you can rest easy:

  • Continuous analysis
  • Email alerts
  • Custom action proposals

Continuous Analysis

All crucial analysis tasks are being performed continuously by Finn. The system automatically detects the problem and generates an insight, in case something is broken or will lead to instant loss in revenue. Acting as the 24/7 web analyst, multi-tasking on several analysis. 


Email Alerts

Some insights can’t wait for you to login to the platform. For those insights Finn proactively informs users through email. Preventing new issues to cause loss in revenue or to be overlooked at all. 

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Custom Action Proposals

Action is the foundation of success. Data will only provide value to your business when you can act on generated insights. That’s why the majority of our insights always contain a custom action.

Helping you to fix pains and to benefit from gains within a finger-snap. 


And That’s Not All ...

We’re continuously extending Finn’s alerting and action features to simplify your life as e-commerce marketer. Do you want to know what we're up to next?

As a Finn user you can vote on new features and follow our progress. 

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