Start where Automation Ends

Data is exploding. Time to analyze is limited.

Leaving marketers with the anxious feeling that they might miss out on something. We were too. That’s why we created algorithms that automatically turn your sea of data into actionable insights. Teaching you what is happening on your sites and why.

Most importantly, by using years of data, we designed filters that will catch the things you could oversee.

Insights that we have added making your life easer include:

  • Decision insights
  • Channel insights
  • Conversion insights
  • Product insights
  • Data quality insights  

Decision Insights

Reclaim your Monday. Receive the most important trends of last week and expectations of upcoming week automatically. Finn will tell you on Monday first thing which segments have been in motion in the past week, and prioritizing how important those segments are for your business.

So you can focus on making the right decisions.

Channel Insights

Discover pains and gains on your marketing and analytics channels. Is the revenue from Adwords dropping slightly? We'll tell you why it’s happening and what you can do about it.

Having highly performing campaigns that are limited by budget? We'll inform you directly and tell you what you can expect if you should increase the daily budget. So your team can focus on creatives and optimizing the account instead of doing the repetitive manuals tasks. 

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Conversion Insights

The life of a conversion optimization specialist is tough. Your website and campaigns are probably changing every day. You have to continuously plan your test and optimization efforts in order to get things done. So where do you start, and how do you keep track of everything?

This is where Finn comes in. Providing insights and conversion rate trends in all segments. Also assisting you in finding pain points in the customer journey instantly.  

Product Insights

Don’t be lost in a sea of products and campaigns. Our product insights help you understanding the relation between your marketing and product sales. Helping you to get ahead of the seasonal trends and optimizing your marketing efforts across the market. 

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Data Quality Insights

Do you have some dirty secrets in your data? That’s a big deal if you’re in a business driven by data. How often does it happen that you’ve found tracking bugs a couple of days or week later than they occurred? This is exactly why Finn is here, creating alerts so you can solve issues quicker. Through our data quality insights, Finn will create an alert when we found that one of your Analytics accounts is down or when e-commerce tracking is broken. 

And That’s Not All ...

We’re continuously extending Finn’s analysis skills to simplify your life as e-commerce marketer. Do you want to know what we are up to next? As a Finn user you can vote on new features and follow our progress. 

Make Your Marketing Data Simple

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