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Data becomes an asset when it’s automated and interpreted. But the real winners are those who can predict the future. And that’s exactly our aim.

Do you want to know if you’re going to nail your goals this week? Or what the impact on revenue of one of the proposed actions will be? Finn has got you covered!

Features we included are:

  • Predictive impact of actions
  • Predictive KPI performance

Predictive Impact of Actions

We e-commerce marketers have huge lists of potential tasks we can pick up each day. Obviously Finn can’t prioritize all your responsibilities and tasks, but for those we generate for you will predict the impact on your wallet.

Helping you to make more impactful decisions and preventing Finn to get close to it’s only allergy; gut feeling. It's a human thing.

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Predictive KPI Performance

Finn is always crunching the numbers behind the scenes.


That’s why Finn can predict if you will reach the goals of your KPI’s.

Based on your historical performance and the current trend our self-learning algorithms are able to give you a good indication on which segments you need to put extra effort to stay on track with your business goals.

And That’s Not All!

We’re continuously extending Finn’s predictive skills to simplify your life as e-commerce marketer. Want to know where we up to next?

As a Finn user you can vote on new features and follow our progress. 

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